Exec sends stern warning to Browns on Baker Mayfield trade

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The Cleveland Browns’ season didn’t end the way they wanted it to, as the franchise took a step backward from their 11-5 campaign last year to fall to 8-9. One of the big reasons for the Browns’ step back was the performance of quarterback Baker Mayfield, who noticeably struggled as he...

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Baker Mayfield is the face of the Cleveland Browns. Yes, he’s had a roller coaster career in regards of wins and losses, as a 4 year starter, currently with a 29-30 record. Last season, playing injured showed his teammates and organization that’s he tough and can play with pain. But when you play hurt and not win, it paints a different picture as to the type of quarterback you are. The Cleveland Browns should not trade the quarterback that has won a playoff game and still shows potential growth. The organization needs to stay the course and continue to build this football team for longevity and not a quick fix. They don’t need aging veterans like Rodgers, Wilson or Watson to come in try to lead this team to a Super Bowl. There presence don’t guarantee any success. And in regards to other free agent quarterbacks that lost their starting job & left their original teams, none of them would be an upgrade to Baker Mayfield. The Browns should franchise tag Mayfield, until they find


The Browns should franchise tag Mayfield, until they find their next ideal quarterback. Baker Mayfield has too much value, to trade away or give up on. The Browns simply needs to play to his strengths and not force him to play in a scheme, that doesn’t show his skill set.

Betty Better

If the Browns trade Baker, the guy who led them to their best season since 1994 last year, they deserve to lose forever..not one more winning season. They deserve Detroit's fate.


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