Two more groups who once backed Kyrsten Sinema said they would not do so again if she won't bend on rules changes to pass elections reform.


Cover picture for the articleWhy the loss of institutional support could hurt Sinema more than Joe Manchin. Here's the latest: Two groups that previously endorsed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's (D-Ariz.) 2018 bid for Senate — the League of Conservation Voters and End Citizens United / Let America Vote — have said they won't support her in...

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jerry dale

I hope Sinema stands strong on her vote against changing the filibuster. All the dems were against it two years ago now because they can’t get anything passed they want to change it. Im proud of her and Manchin for standing up to the other Dems

Jerry Smith

So what two anti American groups won't support her for standing up for the constitution. Sounds like these two groups are the problem. Let's not forget the democrats would never back the rule change I'd the republicans we're the ones wanting it changed.

Judy Y Massengale

I pray that Kristen's doesn't yield to the pressure and continues on the path she has taken She is absolutely right in fighting the Democrats. Biden was bragging about how many voted in the last election, so what is the problem with the Fillibuster WE all who are citizens who have an ID, can vote. So, we need to get off our cans and show up to vote.


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