How to Get Free N95 Masks From the Federal Government

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The White House says 400 million face coverings will be available under a scheme that begins this week and will be fully operational by...

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Donna Kline

Biden needs to send them out to the Seniors and Disabled Americans first because I don’t go out and that is why we need the masks! Everyone on SS OR SSDI OR SSI SHOULD HAVE THEM SENT TO THEIR HOMES!!!

Warren Rinehart

i wish they would have a website where you can order them by mail what about the disabled people who cant get out to pharmacy without help like those who recently had major surgery and cant get out of bed

Ramras Montgomery

why are they being given to community health centers that were charging for supposedly free Covid shots claiming administrative costs? They were not supposed to be charging but they did anyway. They claim it was for staff & supplies to provide the vaxx, but they got PPP money for that. There's no oversight. The govt's just throwing money away. Just like they govt is mailing 4 free Covid tests to households that request them, they should TRY to do the same with the masks. However, can't really trust the postal system anymore because I've personally experienced so much theft going on from within the postal system, with prescriptions, magazines, gift cards, free samples from companies and stores, coupons, etc., and. nothing is done about that. Complaints aren't followed up on if you can even find a Dept to complain to.The postal OAG is non-responsive. I'll be waiting to see how many complaints there will be when people don't get their Covid tests in the mail.


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