Prince Harry Criticized: Queen Elizabeth Taking Away Another Royal Title From Meghan Markle's Husband And Prince Andrew? Duke Warned For Challenging Home Office

Cover picture for the articlePrince Harry is reportedly losing another royal title. Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth are said to have had a very close relationship since the untimely death of Princess Diana in 1997. Reports have it that Her Majesty stood by Harry’s side during the darkest days of his life....

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Winnie Lott

Not only that they walk away from royal duties , the worst thing is they accused the royal family of being racist on national television and got paid for it . That’s real bad !!! They should never let their foot back in England ever again .

Winnie Lott

You are gonna be a great king Prince William . Great decision ! You don’t want the queens big day to get ruined by this attention seeking gold digger . You just can’t trust what they are secretly taping or will be selling when they get back . They should never be mentioned in the jubilee . They cannot be trusted . They are making money by selling the royal family . Also please have more babies and never travel together specially flying . I hate to see your family all die together and Harry becomes king . Please , please please !! Do not travel together with your family ! Give Charlotte a sister !

Tico Arkantico

Shut up Harry! Yours should have been taken away first when you decided to step down!!


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