Prince Harry Heartbreak: Duke Doesn't Understand Lost Privilege After Giving Up Royal Role, Former Royal Protection Officer Says

Cover picture for the articlePrince Harry is not entitled to police protection after he stepped down from his royal duties. Prince Harry is fighting for his privilege to have royal protection when he and his family are in the UK to ensure their safety. However, according to a former royal protection officer, he is not...

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morning dove

When you quit you don’t get a paycheck you don’t get benefits you don’t get anything that comes with quitting you wanted a private life so go have your private life quit blaming the Royals quit blaming other people just get on with your life. You are not a relevant you’re not Important and now you’re just doing it because you want what? 🤮🤮🌪🌪

Gale Benson

Well NOT surprised...Prince Harrylarious has NEVER been the brightest bulb...don't expect him to "catch on" to much of nothin'!!!!!!

Donna Comeau-guillaume

He walked away.... He has to follow the new laws of the royals now... Nothing he says will change the way things are... He should know that....


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