Claudia Jordan Airs Out Porsha Williams and Her Fiancé: ‘You Are Messing Up a Bag’

Shine My Crown
Shine My Crown

Claudia Jordan is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Porsha Williams’ drama.

Social media lit Porsha up after they witnessed her physically assaulting her ex-fiancé, Dennis McKinley, during an episode of her Bravo spinoff, “Porsha Family Matters.”

The “Out Loud With Claudia Jordan” host says that Porsha’s aggressive behavior will have a long-lasting impact on her career.

“You are messing up a bag. You’re gonna be another one to fumble an amazing bag. You have everything there for you. You’re quitting all your good jobs to do this show. You put all your eggs in one basket. And you like… it’s very trashy. You fight everybody. Who’s next?” says Jordan.

Jordan is referring to Porsha not only walking away from “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but also her long-running hosting gig on “Dish Nation.”

Jordan did not hold back when offering her opinions on Porsha’s relationship with her new fiancé, Simon Guobadia.

“I think they’re both so thirsty and desperate for the attention, for the constant feeding of the ego that they’ll both do anything to stay in the headlines,” she declared.

“Him getting a tattoo on his wide back or his shoulder, wherever it was, her marrying this guy that had three other failed marriages and so quickly— it’s obvious there are still some feelings for Dennis. You won’t give back his robe, you don’t want him to bring a date and these emotions she’s showing for him. I think she should have worked on that first before going on television and been solid with her man.”

Porsha’s show might be extremely messy to watch, but the drama will undoubtedly lead to decent ratings for the reality television star-turned author.

After the fight in Mexico aired, Porsha posted a lengthy apology to Instagram:

“There’s a lot that viewers didn’t get to see tonight, and I wish we had more cameras to capture that, which I understand is nobody’s fault. I’ve learned in the past that physical violence is never okay, especially when a man is causing physical harm to women. That is something we are too desensitized to as a society.”

She added that she first avoided addressing the fight because she did not want to paint McKinley in a bad light… but that she recognized that was a mistake.

“I take accountability for reacting strongly to what I was seeing and hearing. While I was not physical with Ms. Gina, I regret arguing with an elder. We are six months removed from this incident, and I’m looking forward, not backwards,” she concluded.

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queen 51

its soooo funny to see and watch people who try and portray people like their no good but all the while showing how ignorant they are themselves and bad part they can't see or understand its them all along

Vannessa Brooks

Claudia need to get a better life than trying to do a come up by bashing someone else...she been around the block more than JLo and has what to show for it...she hater...NOT INTERESTED IN NOTHING OUT OF HER MOUTH..TRUE OR NOT..she not one to CAST ANY STONES. CAN'T STAND HER VOICE.

Diane Hill

Porsche is so full of s*** everything is far away she did start that fight with Dennis mother so sad that is not family like she needs to grow up she still love Dennis


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