Tucker Carlson's Heartless Solution For The Homeless Enrages Twitter


Cover picture for the articleTucker Carlson suggested Tuesday that social services for the homeless encourage homelessness and destroy nuclear families. But that wasn’t the worst of his rant. (Watch the video below.) The Fox News host told policy makers to simply banish the homeless. “You are a drug addict,” he said. “Get...

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Michael Anderson

He needs to take a long walk on a shirt pier holding an anvil. Or he needs to take that energy and tell the cartels about themselves. But he won't. Because he is a coward.

Michael Golterman

I watched the show.., what he said factually was like Seattle real estate companies are buying buildings turning them into really nice expensive apts and then they sell to the govt for millions , the money used was covid response money!!! So now taxpayers are paying for people to live freely.. which is encouraging people to not work and become dependent on government instead of getting them help and getting them off drugs!! This article as usual misleads , sheep read it and follow in line!! We’ll folks everything he said I was true!!!!

Dave Riley

Sad thing is plenty of so-called 'evangelicals' on the right wing support this stance. Clearly they are ignorant of the very Bible teachings they supposedly believe in.


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