Prince Andrew Allegedly Had 'Intimate Relationship' With Ghislaine Maxwell

Business Times
Business Times

Prince Andrew's fight against the sexual assault case filed against him in the U.S. by Virginia Giuffre is continuously tarnishing his name. As many are looking into this proceeding, a documentary reveals he may have a much closer relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell.
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ITV featured "Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile. " Here, Buckingham Palace royal protection officer Paul Page revealed the Duke of York might have an intimate relationship with Jeffrey Epstein's alleged accomplice.

The documentary claimed the controversial royal family member and the convicted female sex offender might have a "closer relationship" than what was first believed, Express noted. Page confessed in the program that they realized and suspected that these two had a romantic relationship with how she was allowed to enter and exit the palace.

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Martha McBride Rummel

Way to totally ruin the love and favoritism your Mother gave you! You don’t even care that your choices have impacted so many people, you should be ashamed of yourself but you aren’t. Instead you’re angry that you were caught and you are making further wrong choices.

James H

The elite have always had the media to hide them from their debauchery. The hour of truth is coming, the corruption and lies will no longer be hidden in the dark silent corridors of power. And they know it.

Leo lascore

nobody is surprised 😮 🙄.. wait till you hear how many times good Ole donnie passed around Ivanka to his friend's.. donnie got her cherry, everyone else paid for the box the cherry 🍒 came in.... after having a fake president that vocalized how much he wants to fuuuck his own daughter, and he's embraced by Christian conservatives nothin surprises me


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