Prince Charles has reportedly offered Prince Harry and Meghan Markle an 'olive branch'


Cover picture for the articlePrince Charles is reportedly "hoping to remedy" his relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and has invited the pair to stay with him at his home when they next return to the UK. The move has been branded an "olive branch" by royal experts, and seems to be a step...

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Sam Ray

It's his dad. What else is expected. We all love our children unconditionally. I've been saying the whole time that the media can portray a whole different reality. How do people truely know if the family communicates or not? how do they know if conflict has been hashed out? They don't. Royal or not they are a family that love's one another at the end of the day. I personally would like to see any family overcome obstacles and move on. NOT DEBATING

Mell F

I hope people are as angry with Andrew as they are with Harry. Only one of them is a criminal 🏃🏃🤷🏿. Some of you have slandered your own families far worse but I guess that doesn't count know...only certain people count these days.

Linda Starks

He should extend more, treat each child with unconditional love. Both are his blood and shouldn't be made to feel any less than the other. Back a bull in the corner and expect horn entanglement.


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