Paris Hilton Gushes About ‘Amazing’ Married Life, Plus: Her Honeymoon Highlights


Paris Hilton is back from her extended honeymoon after marrying Carter Reum in November!

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour spoke with Paris, who is ready for fans to watch her wedding unfold on “Paris in Love.” Along with saying that married life is “amazing,” she gushed, “I love being a wife, and he is just the perfect husband.”

Their “perfect” honeymoon took Paris and Carter around the world for seven and a half weeks. She shared, “We had a lot of time just to relax and decompress.”

As for her favorite parts of the honeymoon, she dished, “In the Maldives, at the Conrad, they have the first underwater suite. And it was this huge villa and felt like you were, like, literally in an aquarium. It was just so magical. And then the Waldorf Astoria property in the Maldives was one of the most stunning properties I've ever been to in my life. So it was just so romantic.”

Her wedding and all the planning involved was documented on her Peacock series. She said, “I just had so much fun doing the show and just showing my fans my life, my love, and spending time with my mom. And I can't wait for everyone to see the wedding episode — it is just magical. That was just a fairy tale wedding.”

Paris kept it real about the stressful parts, too, saying, “So I think all brides are stressed out planning a wedding, but having to film a TV show on top of running an empire… it was a lot, but I'm happy that we did it because it's like the ultimate wedding video. You know, everyone always has like a wedding videographer at their wedding… I don't even know how many cameras, probably like 50 of them, so we captured everything.”

Paris is back to work with an new docu-style podcast called “Trapped in Treatment,” based on her experience at Provo Canyon School, set to debut next week. She noted, “My parents sent me to boarding school. Well, they thought it was a boarding school. They had no idea what was happening there. But Provo Canyon School and schools like this are extremely abusive… When I found out that this was still going on, I knew I needed to do something about it… I'm just so proud of all the work we've been doing… We've changed laws in seven states... And now we are taking it to a federal level… I have done a lot of things in my life that I'm proud of, but this by far is the thing I'm most proud of.”

Paris is also proud of her friend Britney Spears, who is now free from her conservatorship. Britney is currently in a feud with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears over her book “Things I Should Have Said.” Paris said, “I haven't spoken to her in a couple of weeks. But you know, that's a hard thing when it's your family. I think… you always want your family to be there and support you, so I'm sure it's very difficult for them to be dealing with this right now in the public eye.”

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