The Female Psychopath’s Use of Devaluation

Cover picture for the articleThe female psychopath’s interaction with others is a paradox. She needs them, and will often shower people with exuberant affection, but she gets pleasure when she devalues them. This devaluation may seem unusual and contradictory since, on the surface, it appears that she likes her victims. But this is not true...

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Kimberly Bradshaw

This is exactly how and what a psychopath does inside a family. It's not only the victim that often believe the lies, other family members and friends buy into it as well. It's especially hard for a child to understand that a mother doesn't love her child. It's also hard for others to believe this as well, which is how they get away with it.

Billy Bong

sounds like a lot of people I know. both men and women act like this. 😆


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