Brad Marchand roasts Hurricanes' Vincent Trocheck after comparison between the two

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We don't hear about quite as much trash talk from Brad Marchand these days as we did during his younger years, but rest assured, those zingers are still there if he feels the situation warrants it.

Tuesday afternoon was one of those situations. Here's the setup:

With the Bruins set to host the Hurricanes Tuesday night, Carolina forward Vincent Trocheck was asked by Chip Alexander of the Raleigh News & Observer if he sees similarities between his game and Marchand's.

Before saying he does see some similarities, Trocheck jokingly asked, "Are you calling me a rat?"

Pretty good response! Marchand, of course, has been referred to as a "rat" many times throughout his career.

Marchand clearly got wind of this a short time later, and decided to respond on Instagram with an even better one-liner: "This is like comparing a Lambo to a Prius."

In addition to his response and an image of Trocheck's quote, Marchand also shared screenshots of each player's career stats page on, plus another screenshot showing that Marchand is fourth in the NHL in points over the last five seasons, behind only Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and Nathan MacKinnon.

Marchand deleted the Instagram post about a half hour after posting, but we can verify that it was on his official account. It's unclear why he deleted it, as it all seemed to be in pretty good fun.

Here are screengrabs of what Marchand posted:

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