Jessa Duggar attacks fan who claims her son Spurgeon, 6, looks ‘sad & lonely’ in new photo of him being homeschooled

The US Sun
The US Sun

JESSA Duggar attacked a fan who claimed her son Spurgeon, six, looks “sad and lonely” in a new photo of him being homeschooled.

The 29-year-old clapped back at the critic in the comments section of a new Instagram post.
Jessa clapped back at a fan who said Spurgeon looked 'sad and lonely' Credit: TLC
The comment was made in response to a photo of the six-year-old doing schoolwork Credit: Instagram

Jessa took to Instagram on Monday to share a photo of Spurgeon sitting at a desk as he did schoolwork at home.

The Counting On alum captured her son writing, while his desk was placed behind a large potted tree in the family room as toys were spread across the floor.

Alongside the photo, Jessa wrote: “Too cool for school.”

Shortly after Jessa shared the photo, one fan took to the comments section to say he looked “so sad and lonely” in the picture.

Jessa stood up for her son as she responded: “You mean, peaceful and tranquil.”

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Catrina Sam Domaika

Homeschooled children are no different than our virtual learning students during covid, with one MAJOR exception, her child didn't know any different! He is peaceful and in a tranquil setting sound good homeschooled moment. Our children were thrown in willy nilly we with half considered plans of a virtual learning experience, that THB most Parents didn't know how to handle. Our children suffered, and her child still thrived with all he's ever known...

Barb Clark

Home schooling isn't for everyone. I know he has a lot of cousins that he gets together with every now and then but sending him to school might open his social world a little more!

Erin Bliss

The kid's sad because she named him Spurgeon. That's a ruler name if I've ever seen one. You know, where a nurse comes in & smacks you with a ruler until you give the poor kid a name that won't get him beat up on the playground.


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