COLA Social Security: When You Can Expect to Get Checks Worth Up to $4,194
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64 million social security beneficiaries are about to get a 5.9% cost of living adjustment (COLA). People will start getting the next round of checks this week. This adjustment is due to the sky-high inflation that the US has experienced in recent months. Since checks are distributed by birthday,...

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Jeannette Clarke

why do they lie to ppl all I got was 88.00 for cola that sorry when ppl need help , smh SSA don't care I have 40 credit in job and I should gotten more than 88.00 for cola, they need look again and they never call back either.

Joyce Desbiens

Why do the news media hype this up so much. They give you a raise that doesn’t keep up with inflation, raise Medicare premiums. Elderly collecting SNAP benefits are losing some, if you are on Senior Housing your rent goes up. Not as great as it appears to be.


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