Hannity: Even the media can't protect Biden now, nobody likes the president

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSean Hannity said President Biden is liked by no one and that his administration's reputation cannot be salvaged by the mainstream media during his "Hannity" monologue Monday. "After a historically bad week capping off a historically bad year, Joe Biden's presidency is now on the ropes. Things are going so poorly...

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Pierce Leo Sumner

Because joe Biden never been worth anything he's a creep we all know this before he became president, joe Biden was a racist we all knew that as well yet we allow him to still make president, we know joe Biden was under investigation for emails with China dealing with his son that been covered up because he's the president. All these red flags an we still consented to him being president someone tell me why ? we all know joe Biden feeble minded yet we still allow him to serve as president again why ?

Louis Mope

"Liked by no one"??? More like despised by 70% of US citizens. Yet the lame stream media actively searches for the person who still thinks the lipless prick is doing OK. The sooner we can get this cancerous administration out of office, the more chances the country can come back together. Our country deserves a Mulligan

Lou Peronard

He's like that girlfriend we all had back in our 20's...the red flags were there...but you went ahead anyways and then for a time you're stuck...


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