Jennifer Aniston Shares Selfie Of Her ‘True Self’ Rarely Seen In Photos


Jennifer Aniston wants to show how she truly looks, without the hair and makeup team. She is currently in Hawaii filming the highly-anticipated film Murder Mystery 2. Of course, the climate in Hawaii is very conducive to humidity and Jennifer is not immune!

She shared a few makeup-free selfies with her hair quite frizzy. She captioned the photos, “Okay, Humidity…🥵😵‍💫⁣ Let’s go…..👊🏼💪🏼@lolavie” LolaVie is her new haircare brand which includes a detangler and leave-in conditioner.

Jennifer Aniston shares selfies of her frizzy hair and no-makeup look

Jennifer has been known for her changing hairstyles, especially one of the looks she had during her time on Friends. When she was seen with shorter hair on the series, many women flocked to the salon to ask for the ‘Rachel,’ named after her character on the sitcom.
OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, Jennifer Aniston, 2016. ph: Glen Wilson/©Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

A while back, Jennifer paid tribute to her ever-changing hairstyles and shared photos of herself over the years. Fans loved to see how her hair has evolved and it definitely makes sense that she would back a new haircare line.

She also loves to talk about changing the way society views women as they age. She once said, “Society needs some catching up to do — the languaging, the messaging. I think we need to stop putting ages next to people’s names. I’ve never understood that. I’d much rather my height! It’s like we’re a carton of milk with an expiration date and I think we need to figure out how to re-message all of that because what I’m able to do today — in this body, at this age, because of also now the life I’ve lived — now I’ve got even more I want to do and explore.”

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ala ska

Nobody in Hollywood knows their "True Self". The ENTIRE JOB is pretending to be somebody else.


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