Photo of woman working at a cash-register with newborn baby horrifies the internet


An image of a woman working while taking care of her newborn has horrified people online.

The photo has circulated on many social media platforms, including the antiwork Reddit forum.

The Reddit user who posted the image said that they first found it on Facebook .

“The other day, I was in BP and I saw this lady. She was the cashier. And she was taking care of her baby so patiently, so well, and so lovingly. All while working,” read the caption of the person who first posted the photo.

She added that the woman was still able to do her job well and “quick” despite having her child with her.

“Some may scrunch their faces in meaningless annoyance, some may judge. But me, being the mom that I am, saw hope, inspiration, and motivation. But more than anything, a LOVING mom willing to sacrifice,” the original poster continued.

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The caption concluded by saying they had asked permission to take the photo as they wanted to have it for “motivation for other moms” and “she deserves recognition.”

In the image, you can see the woman working the cashier while carrying the child who has a baby bottle with them.

In the comments, people found the image anything but motivating, and instead deeply infuriating.

Many took issue with the fact that the woman was forced to work despite her circumstances.

“I feel so bad for that woman. I can’t imagine how hard her life must be,” wrote one person.

People also pointed out the toxicity of work culture.

“Nothing says motivational like framing the failures of capitalism as a feel good story. Hope the employee doesn't get in trouble as this spreads,” remarked a Reddit user.

Others called out the poster for taking a picture of the woman in the first place and referring to it as “motivation.”

One argued, “This isn’t motivation. This is not being paid enough to afford child care.”

“I also wanted to add the end kills me. “Taking a picture for motivation to other moms” This should not be a flex, or the norm,” read a follow up comment from the person who shared the image on Reddit.

“America is fu***,” one user plainly wrote.

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Karen A Martin

Why are so many people judging this person? Do you know her circumstances? Maybe this is an isolated incident, maybe her babysitter was a no show. Maybe another employee was a no show and her boss ask her to come in for a couple hours until they could get someone else there to fill in and bring the baby if you need to. people are doing a lot of assuming here. Did anyone go to the source?

Oh Wise One...

This is America. Money first, people last. Healthcare? Only if you can pay through the nose for it. No money, go home and die. We are hardly the best country in world anymore. Love of money is cancer to a society.

AZ born

i was much like this mom with all 4 of my kids. They never got sick and are happy healthy kids who still rarely get sick. sometimes people have to take their kids to work. i did it many times while I was doing in home care giving. many of my clients actually enjoyed seeing the kids because they never had family that cared enough to visit them. I wish people would stop being judgemental. i know many people who own their own buissness and bring their kids. why shouldn't they be able to work and care for their kids.


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