NFL World Reacts To What Tony Romo Said About Dak Prescott

The Spun
The Spun
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Tony Romo didn’t like how Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott handled the end of the game on Sunday. After Prescott slid at the 25-yard line, he hurried up to the line with the center but didn’t find the ref so he could properly spot the ball. Romo confirmed...

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Anyone who has ever played football knows the referrre is the only one that can spot the ball,the highest paid player in the NFL handed it to the center.Thafs why they didn't get the Play off.When u have run out of excuses why u lost,u blame me refs.

Torry Warrior

Tony Romo,shut your big trap. Let me see your super bowl ring. When you show me,then you have a right to an opinion. You were worst than Dax.

Sylvia Phinisee

It's amazing to me how people such as Tony Romo speak of the Cowboys Team as though he never played for them all those years. None of the teams are 100% perfect, surely we all wanted the outcome to be in their favor but it didn't, hopefully they've learned a hard lesson of what to do and not do including using all of their timeouts with none to spare. Tony wasn't always correct with his form and aim on the football field, so this was a bad decision on Dak and the team and it caused them the game. Let's hope there's even better chances next season and they don't fail after going so far as a wholesome team. Go Cowboys Still America's Team 🏈💙


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