White House takes aim at one of Trump's most consequential mistakes


Cover picture for the articleExactly six years ago yesterday, the international nuclear agreement with Iran was implemented. Six years later, the JCPOA policy is effectively gone, and efforts to reach a new agreement are going nowhere fast. The result is an increasingly obvious national security threat. As Politico reported, President Joe Biden's team...

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Eduardo Arroyo

Gas prices fuel prices were going to go up regardless of who was President. The pandemic did that. No American were left behind. They knew way back in May that the U.S. was pulling out of Afghan. They chose to stay bc the money they were earning was goI'd. Corporations sold destroyed America

patriot proud

High gas prices, food prices, taxes, funding BLM, leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, mandates, threats to Americans if not complying , give China millions of dollars to help with the green new deal so we depend on a communist country and instead of fixing what they've destroyed, they talk about Trump. The talk about Trump because they can never be the great commander and chief he was.

Jeffrey Buehrle

The nuclear agreement is still in place. Just because the US pulled out didn’t negate it. Trump pulled out because Iran wasn’t fully abiding by its provisions anyway.


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