Simon Guobadia Speaks Out Amid Backlash for His Comments to Aunt Liz

Cover picture for the articlePorsha Williams has been receiving backlash over her actions on her spinoff show. “Porsha’s Family Matters” was supposed to answer all the questions people had about Porsha Williams’ current engagement. When Porsha confirmed her romance to Simon Guobadia, a lot of people took to social media to be critical. In their...

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Doris Douglas

yeah you were so wrong on every level! your fiance is a train wreck waiting to happen! I'm waiting for you to check her, to which you haven't done as of yet!

JoAn George

I think he was out of place to be talking to aunt Liz in this manner. How could anyone respect Portia when she has absolutely zero respect for anyone. After she stole this girl’s husband I lost all respect for her.

Marthea Varela-Johnson

Simon you knew what you were saying and too whom you said it. This backpeddaling is a day late so kick rocks you and that train wrack you hitched your wagon too I don’t care where or who you are I have heard it all before as soon as you Nigerian’s get checked you want to start talking about your heritage and culture you think you can check us since you come over here with that air of superiority these scalawags may fall for it but you will be a forgotten entity in 15minutes.


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