‘Blue Bloods’: Frank Faces a Potential Nightmare Scenario in Upcoming Episode

Although “Blue Bloods” returns this week for Season 12 Episode 12, we want to take a quick look ahead to Episode 13.

Airing on Jan. 28, Episode 13 is called “Cold Comfort.” And the synopsis for the episode led Matt and Jess Carter to wonder if this episode might have huge implications for Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck).

The “Blue Bloods” synopsis reads, “Frank contends with a potentially dirty cop within his ranks when Danny and Baez’s investigation into a brutal assault on an NYPD detective reveals evidence the officer may be corrupt.”

Dirty cops are no joke, especially in an organization as large as the NYPD. And Frank, as the police commissioner, would be directly responsible for sniffing out the dirty cop before they cause too much trouble. Or before the news of the corrupt cop gets out and Frank is held responsible for NOT taking care of them.

Either way, he needs to approach this delicately. It sounds like nothing is concrete, and that Danny Reagan and Maria Baez will have to do further digging to prove that this cop is actually corrupt. A false accusation could hurt the Reagans too.

According to the Carters, it looks like Frank employs all three of his “Blue Bloods” advisors to solve the difficult scenario. In one preview photo, we see Frank sitting down with Abigail Baker, Garrett Moore, and Sid Gormley. If Frank needs all three in the same room, then we know the situation’s complicated.

Here’s the rest of the synopsis for the episode: “Also, Eddie and Badillo track down the culprits behind the theft of valuable rare works from a celebrated bookstore. Jamie begrudgingly joins Henry as he looks into an old friend’s death he deems suspicious. Erin snoops into the background of a new woman in Anthony’s life.”

Maria Baez Returns for ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Episode 12

“Blue Bloods” fans finally saw Maria Baez return to be Danny’s pattern. She’s been out for the last few episodes recovering from a gunshot wound. In the meantime, guest star Lyle Lovett has filled in as Major Waylan Gates. But it looks like Baez returns full time in Episode 12, which later airs this week.

We’re happy to see Baez and Reagan back on the beat. They two work well together, and they’ll need each other for the coming case. Based on the episode synopsis, it looks like they’re helping Frank track down a murderer. The only problem is, Archbishop Kearns knows who the murderer is.

The Catholic Church’s rules of confession prohibit the archbishop from spilling the beans. But Frank hopes Baez and Danny can “work around” the rules to track down the killer.

Will justice or faith prevail? Find out this week on “Blue Bloods,” airing Friday on CBS.

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Why did they even bother to introduce Joe Hill to the series? We all feel in love with the charecter and the actor...then zap! he's gone for a month or two yet every episode he does pop up in is better because of him... either write him in, or write him out. We're getting tired of the Joe Hill yoyo...


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