Conor McGregor got destroyed so badly by Henry Cejudo he actually deleted his tweet

Cover picture for the articleFormer Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Bantamweight roost-ruler, Henry Cejudo, who also held gold at 125 pounds, was back in the headlines last week after petitioning promotion president, Dana White, for an opportunity to win yet another title, this time in the Featherweight division. White shut him down without remorse....

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James Weston

Till professionalism and good sportsman ship comes back to the MMA and all this retarded bravado that rivals a WWE match's retardedness, I have no interest in the sport at all.Its grown horribly lame for me

Ray Ray

Nothing wrong with losing. it's about getting up and trying it again is all. Losing is what makes someone become a winner. Have to lose to see flaws in oneself. That way one is able to rebuild and fix ths flaws. I dont considering losing shameful as a to giving up


McGregor is a bum and can't beat his lil sister anymore. He only fighting for exposure and to be relevant, he has zero cardio and can't take a punch because he drinks to much whiskey but the main reason is he has lost the hunger for the fight game like he had when he was trying to get to the top. Kinda reminds you of Mike Tyson and how he went down.. the fame and fortune stole your focus and now it's your demise 💯


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