Video: Ugly Brawl Breaks Out After Cowboys Loss On Sunday

The Spun
The Spun
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Emotions got the best of a dozen or so fans following the Dallas Cowboys‘ heartbreaking postseason loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. The Cowboys fell to the 49ers 23-17 in the Wild Card round on Sunday afternoon. As players and refs left the field a few fans began heaving...

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Wow very surprised at a player supporting the fans throwing garbage on refs. Anyone thinking clearly would said that’s wrong regardless of the game

Alan Mcbride

I have never see so many penalties called across the NFL this year. Not just the Cowboys, the Refs have gone bat shit crazy this season. But to be fair their were many penalties that were not called against the 49ers . Also look what happend to the Raiders, the refs were done for the season after that screw up.

James Campbell

The Cowboys deserved to lose.They were beaten by a better team, including the coaching staff. Experienced players don't run the ball without time outs left for the fear of not being able to get set before the clock expires. The Cowboys have plenty of time now to go fishing.


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