‘NCIS’: Jess Knight Takes to the Seas in Upcoming Episode

Rejoice NCIS fans. There’s a new episode on Monday night and it has all your favorite agents riding the high seas. But count on the waves being choppy.

And because it’s NCIS, toss in some terrorists, too. No one ever gets to relax. We’re also thinking that Monday’s episode, called All Hands, will reveal more about Katrina Law’s Jess Knight. She’s a new character on the show, with Law added to the permanent cast to start season 19.

Throughout the season, writers have given Jess a more defined character. Monday’s episode will reveal more about Knight’s family in an innocent kind of way. Her niece asks her to bring a paper doll on her job as part of a grade school assignment. It sounds like a Flat Stanley kind of project. Jess could snap all sorts of shots for the class. Here she is with a research scientist. Here she is with a terrorist. And here she is with the rest of the agents.
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Here’s the rest of the NCIS episode synopsis provided by CBS: “After a civilian research vessel in the North Atlantic picks up a small boat of wounded Navy officers, NCIS arrives on the ship and is forced to hide after discovering terrorists on-board.”

Terrorists Usually Can Be a Big Plot Line for NCIS Episodes

Hmm. Wonder what kind of terrorists the agents encounter? NCIS kicked off 2022 with a terrorist-themed episode. Pledge of Allegiance was all about whether a Navy drone pilot, who was a naturalized American citizen from Afghanistan, stole a technology key. A bit of research showed that the pilot had relatives with ties to the Taliban. So was he giving our combat and surveillance drone technology to potential enemies? Turns out it was the pilot’s very American girlfriend who wanted to pin the crime on him.

Now, back to Jess Knight. She’s the new partner of Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama). And she’s gradually revealing more details about her personal life to Torres and the rest of the team. New boss Alden Parker (Gary Cole) did a bit of digging and discovered that Knight was a champion track athlete in college.

In Pledge of Allegiance, Jess played the part of good cop very well. She showed empathy with the pilot’s girlfriend (before the big terrorist reveal). Also in the episode, Jess might have been flirting with Dr. Jimmy Palmer.

Looks like she’ll be acting kind of silly with the medical examiner in tonight’s episode.
Cliff Lipson/CBS

And in Collective Memory, the final NCIS episode of 2021, we learn a lot about Jess as the team investigates the death of a financial planner. What made this case so fascinating is the victim hired a technology company to create a three-dimensional hologram of her. Jess spent hours with the hologram. And the hologram answered questions as if Jess were her daughter. Torres figured out that Jess and her mother were having an issues. He encouraged Jess to call her mother and make it right. Jess did.

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