Shaquille O'Neal Said He Deleted Tinder Because Girls Didn't Believe That Was Him: "She Said 'Shaq Would Never Be On This.’”

Cover picture for the articleShaquille O'Neal was one of the most dominant athletes to ever play in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers legend certainly enjoyed his share of the benefits of being a superstar. From winning trophies to earning huge paychecks, Shaq has done everything. Moreover, he has invested the money that...

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Scott Mobley

Well duh, of course nobody believed it was really Shaq. this is what happens when platforms allow years of fake profiles to harass real people, we've become so disenfranchised with the idea of Hope that now if a profile sends us a friend request or a message and they're too pretty we automatically assume it's a scam. this is 2 + 2 level s*** bro.


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