Biden's failed blitz on 'voting rights' – Americans aren't buying Dems' false claims

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Cover picture for the articleWith Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, Senate and White House for nearly a year, Americans have suffered through crisis after crisis: inflation at its highest level in 40 years, rampant crime devastating cities across the nation, a complete embarrassment on the world stage with the botched Afghanistan withdrawal,...

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The states have a constitutional right to safeguard their election process. If the federal government has control over the states we cease to be a representative republican government. We are a republic not a democracy. States choose their own representatives from their state. THEY each come together on a federal level to enact laws. If the federal government runs the elections they will enact laws that suit the federal government. We the people are in our respective states, not in DC. We don’t want DC telling us how to run our lives. DC cannot become a dictator telling the states what to do or how to run their elections and that’s what this bill wants to do.


"Biden administration's economic policies, like the American Rescue Plan, are meant to improve equity." J.Yellin, MLK Speech 2022....That says it all, Biden and his administration's are not Americans, they are Marxists. The promise of citizenship in America is Equality and Individual Freedom. The deal Marx and Engel's proposed was a promise of equity in exchange for all freedoms of individuality. The reason Marxists can never be Americans is because Violates our Constitutional guarantees of Individual Freedom. All progressive democrats hold a political philosophy that is traitorous to the Constitution. Time to put them on trial.

Mike Stone

I am happy he has failed at everything he has it is just opening the door to show the Democratic party's true colors thank you Joe I say down with the demos and fjb


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