Prince Harry Asking For Financial Help, But Prince Charles Is 'Not Budging'

Business Times
Business Times

Prince Harry lived a royal life for more than three decades. It was only 2020 when he began to go on his own way after deciding to quit his role in the British Monarchy.
Prince HarryReuters

He, alongside Meghan Markle, decided to relocate to the United States and become "financially independent." While they have already begun to establish new careers, these are not reportedly enough to sustain their lavish lifestyle. Sources consequently alleged that the Duke of Sussex is now asking for the help of Prince Charles, according to Star magazine.

As claimed, the royal-born Prince did not have to think about this aspect of his life. The idea of budgeting does not allegedly register with him because he had royal assistants and bankers to do it for him.

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Ann Plamondon

You too did not want to be royals you stepped away from your titles and left the UK. And you resettled in the US. And you expect them to cater to your every whim and need. Grow up go get jobs.


Didn’t they leave to be “financially independent”? Does he not understand the definition of independent? Simple solution … scale back the over-the-top lifestyle.


There is many options for work , every place you could think of is hiring. Or my his wife could go back to her big acting Career😄 You can’t turn your back on the royals and trash them and expect them to support you.


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