Florida lieutenant governor says Hispanic voters are ‘flocking to the Republican party’ because of Biden’s ‘disastrous policies’

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Daily Mail

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez took aim at President Joe Biden on Sunday, claiming his 'disastrous' policies are driving Hispanic voters out of the Democratic Party.

She made the comments in an interview with Fox & Friends, less than a year until the midterm elections that will decide who controls Congress -- and largely, Biden's agenda -- for the latter half of the president's term.

'When you look at these numbers, it should be not a shock to anyone,' she said of why many Spanish-speaking Americans are joining the GOP.

'You have seen Hispanic voters are flocking to the Republican Party, and part of that is because they agree that we want to be the party.'

Nuñez, the first Hispanic woman to be elected the Sunshine State's lieutenant governor, said they believe Republicans will give them 'freedom that will provide them opportunities for their families.'

She also lashed out at Biden for his Justice Department's crackdown on public education settings late last year amid a rise in violent incidents at school board meetings and after a letter from the National School Board Association (NSBA) comparing parents outraged over mask mandates and Critical Race Theory in schools to 'domestic terrorists.'
Nuñez named Joe Biden's education policies as an example of why Hispanics would desert Democrats ahead of the midterms

The NSBA has since walked back the controversial rhetoric in its letter to the DOJ.

'When you see children that are being indoctrinated in the schools and that Biden and his cronies are calling the parents domestic terrorists, those are things that really have an impact on the voters,' Nuñez said.

'And that's why I believe strongly that the midterm election and beyond is going to be an incredible turn of events for the president and for the party, truly.'

Hispanic voters account for roughly one in eight of all eligible voters nationwide and are among the fastest-growing groups at the ballot box.

A recent poll indicated that Democrats can no longer regard them as a solid blue voting bloc.
She predicted a good midterm election year for Republicans because of Biden's 'disastrous policies'

When asked about a hypothetical rematch between Biden and Donald Trump in 2024, 44 percent of Hispanic voters said they would vote for the Democratic president while 43 percent backed his GOP rival, according to a Wall Street Journal survey released last month.

It's a steep drop in support for Biden from his victory less than two years ago.

In the 2020 race Biden won the White House with a decisive 63 percent of the Hispanic vote. Trump trailed by 30 points, according to AP VoteCast.

On a hypothetical Congressional ballot, Hispanic voters split the two parties with 37 percentage points each.

In a survey of all voters, Republicans would win by a margin of 44 to 41 percent.

The WSJ poll also indicates that more Hispanic men than Hispanic women would support Trump. Fifty-six percent of Hispanic men would vote for Trump in the next election, compared to 55 percent of women backing Biden.

Hispanic voters disapprove of Biden's job in office by a margin of 57 percent to 41.

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Bowties rule

where have you been us CUBANS have been Republicans from the beginning , you forget we know communism and government controls and we don't want it.

Gary Henderson

face the fact Biden is not up fit to be president. he has not addressed one of several issues the country is personal opinion he is setting our country for failure and for an invasion from other countries and terrorists..Biden sold out and should be removed immediately.

T Hawk, the real

Sadly, many Hispanics have gone right , right into the hands of people who truly despise them!. Like noted earlier, Obama extended relief to Cuba, and the orange blob stopped it. Not sure beyond arrogance why Hispanics would select a party of racists, but they will learn sooner or later.


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