Trump holds first 2022 rally in Arizona as heated GOP Senate primary is underway

CBS News

Cover picture for the articleFormer President Donald Trump touched down in Arizona Saturday for his first rally of the midterm election year, bringing the spotlight to a state that will have hotly contested races for governor and the U.S. Senate in November. In the governor's race, Trump has endorsed Kari Lake, a former...

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Sad, just another hate America rally. I did notice his cultists seem to thinning out - the GOP deathcult's efforts to kill them of appear to be working!

Jason Prehoda

America wake the 🖕up. We as a country have never been nor ever will be united because everyone has a different point of view. Some are right some are wrong. These so called leaders from BOTH sides are using our own fears against each other and your all to blinded by the mouth that fits the narrative in your head instead of looking around to see for yourselves. A nation divided cannot stand!!

Curtis Hester

I don't know why they keep putting up this stupid stuff as if Trump can run for president which is totally stupid ! let me make this loud and clear Donald Trump is under criminal investigations therefore He Can Not run for anything except for the Border!


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