Donald Trump Mimics Joe Biden to Laughing Arizona Rally Crowd

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Former president Trump said that President Biden had made Dr. Anthony Fauci "like a king" during comments to...

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wayne stewart

of course he did after all thats all he knows how to do is belittle people funny he never mentions his failures. where is his wall where is his healthcare plan where is his balanced budget where is his infrastructure plan. why doesnt he discuss those things. why dieant he tell us why his family is no longer to be allowed to run charities.

another thought

I wonder if these same people would be laughing if Trump was making fun of their own elderly parents and grandparents? Why r u people behaving like this? Just awful. 😞

Jefferson Girl

What is more concerning is just how many people buy into his rhetoric. He would not be able to get away with what he does if Americans would demand integrity and character from their politicians. His success is on us folks. I don’t care what your affiliation is, we should demand and expect the truth and that our leaders will lift up our democracy for the well-being of the people. How can that be argued? I just ask that people search their hearts for the truth and have the courage to act on it. Let’s not accept ridiculous behavior and outright lies. Let’s demand better. Please don’t “yeah, but” what you’re seeing. We really do deserve better. Lets not beat up on the people that are actually showing the courage to do the right thing.


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