‘Blue Bloods’: Some Fans Are Getting ‘Sick and Tired’ of This Character
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This one goes out to all of our Outsiders who are also Blue Bloods fans. How do you feel about Sid? It seems like some fans with him are fed up. If you are new to Blue Bloods, Sidney “Sid” Gormley is a lieutenant with the New York City Police Department....

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Mary Freeman

Sid is the antagonist to Garrett. Otherwise we’d only get one perspective on every situation. The commissioner values hearing didn’t sides of each issue. I see abagail remindinding them all of the feelings side of things. I like Sid. He adds a bit of comedy /sarcasm to the office

Gaynor V. Henry

Sid is a counterpoint to Garrett and Frank. The yin to their yang, he also represents the old school cop mindset.


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