Derek Carr drops truth bomb on Raiders after coming up short vs. Bengals in AFC Wild Card

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The season of the Las Vegas Raiders officially came to an end on Saturday after they suffered a 26-19 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in the Wild-Card round. It was a bitterly disappointing loss for the Raiders but after the game, Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr had...

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Anthony&Christina Sosa

Carrs done!😢I’m sorry I’m a raiders fan and see this! He’s choked too many times under the gun, time to play second best or second string till you can prove yourself! Maybe some pine will deal with the mind! And that’s the thing, he was thrown out there to the wolves with no kind of guidance! He had to grow up quick, due to the careless caution of the Davis squad!That then grew into the introduction to the2nd gen chucky era, which gave him freedom to think fast not grow! And that think fast mentalist mindset was his downfall! He thought he had it all figured out on his own! But without gruden he lost all control and confidence. Marriota should have been the starter and showed carr how it’s done, then made him fight for that spot!

Ryan Tyler Caudillo

if bisacca ain't our head coach next season I bet carr leaves. our interm head coach did an excellent job to make it to playoffs it's ok carr choked it was his first appearance he didn't get to play in 2016 from that broken femur and ain't been the same since

Mean Da Dope

Carr belongs in a used Carr lot. Carr panicked,,,,, nothing new. Mariota could've run the ball when receivers were covered, not throw it away.


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