Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown poses with daughter Madison & sons Gabriel and Garrison amid kids’ feud with dad Kody

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SISTER Wives star Janelle Brown posted a group photo of her smiling children to her Instagram.

'Happy mama!' she wrote, amid shocking changes in her life including her fellow sister wife Christine leaving the family and her kids' ongoing feud with dad Kody Brown.
Janelle Brown posted a photo of four of her children to Instagram Credit: Instagram/janellebrown117
The post came as the TLC star's and her family continued to clash with patriarch Kody Brown Credit: Instagram

Janelle, 52, shared a new photo of four of her children to her Instagram page, showcasing daughter Madison and Savanah and sons Gabriel and Garrison.

The restaurant snapshot saw the group sitting at a round table with menus and smiles.

She captioned it: "Maddie and I had an event with Plexus this weekend in Phoenix. So the boys drove down and we met for dinner. Happy mama!"

Fans flooded the comments with their support of the family photo:

One wrote, "Beautiful Family! I love love how you put your beautiful kids first Janelle! You & Christine are my faves! Great moms!"

Another chimed in: "Glad Kody wasn’t there to ruin the moment."


As PEOPLE reported, in Sunday’s episode, Janelle will “reflect” on whether she wants to stay in a plural marriage.

"COVID has sort of pulled this blanket off of some of our issues," Robyn Brown, 43, says during an outdoor meetup as Janelle replies, "I actually think so too."

"I've caught myself in the last few weeks really reflecting and being like, 'Okay, look: do I still choose plural marriage?'" says Janelle. "Yeah, I still choose it, but I've had to have that conscious decision with myself."

Janelle and Robyn are both married to Kody, who is also in a polygamous arrangement with Meri Brown.

Ahead of TLC's Season 16, Kody's former wife Christine, 49, announced her decision to leave the polygamous family after 25 years.


One fan on Reddit did a deep dive after posing the question: "Do we think Janelle has left too?"

The fan offered the following evidence:

  • "She's taking vacations with Christine to Disney (which I can only assume would make Kody very angry...he's big on "loyalty", as we've seen in this week's episode)"
  • "Christine posted pictures on New Year's Eve with Janelle, which means they may have spent holidays together this year"
  • "She's been calling out Kody's abusive bulls**t all season so far, especially his passive-aggressive diatribe during the family meeting about Thanksgiving.

The fan admitted: "This is all speculation because she hasn't announced anything, but it seems to me like she's been undergoing some massive changes."


As fans know, Janelle and Kody, also 52, have had their arguments lately, culminating with a vulgar explosion in November, in which Janelle told her husband to "f**k off."

The tipping point stemmed from Kody threatening to evict his sons Gabrielle and Garrison from wife Janelle's home for breaking Covid rules.

The reality dad has previously set out strict Covid guidelines for his families on how to celebrate the holidays.

He told Janelle that she should be alone on Thanksgiving because her sons have been seeing too many people over the holidays and would put everyone else's health in jeopardy.

Kody told her to "respect" the "big picture" regarding his rules, but she said she didn't want to be alone and declared, "You know, f**k off," before storming off.

They also went head to head over Gabriel, 20, and Garrison, 23, living in Janelle's house.

Kody thought they should move out because they had been breaking his Covid rules and if they remained at Janelle's, he wouldn't be able to go over.


As the new year began, Janelle revealed she’s ready for some “change” in her life.

The reality star uploaded a smiling selfie to Instagram, adding the caption: “With the holidays behind us - many of us are now focusing on the New Year & new goals.

“New can also bring change. Change comes first with the decision to try. Trying comes with the decision to continue.

“Continuing comes with the decision to be committed.”

Christine, meanwhile, has been open with fans following the split, admitting she has "good and bad" days.
Janelle and Kody fought after he threatened to evict sons Gabrielle and Garrison from her home for breaking Covid rules Credit: Instagram / christine_brownsw
Janelle said she was a 'happy mama' on Instagram despite ongoing family problems Credit: TLC
Christine Brown left Kody in 2021 while Janelle and Robyn are both married to him Credit: Getty

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These women should listen to their kids,they have Kody figured out & know he is nothing but a weak creepy man that loves to play boss over these women. He use them for $ & anything else he can get from he would never speak up to another man?

Karen Corsello

It's so nice to see Jenelle smiling. so sorry for your loss. Her children look so happy to be together. Really would like to heard how her children feel about their dad talking trash and so disrespectful about their mom.


kody will keep Janelle around because she has a career and brings in money unlike sobbing Robbin


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