Fans Slam 'Sister Wives' Stars Christine & Meri Brown For Promoting Lularoe 'Scam'

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Cover picture for the articleSister Wives stars Christine and Meri Brown are in hot water with some of their fans due to their ties to Lularoe, a clothing company that has recently been mired in controversy. Article continues below advertisement. Both tv personalities list themselves as a "Lularoe Retailer" on their Instagram accounts...

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Heather Burke-Crane

this is no different than any other at home company. they all sell you a package to start you buy product to sell what you don't sell your stuck with. they all run on a pyramid. you know this going in and your earning potential is tied to how much you sell and those in your group.AvonTupperwareThirty-onePremier JewelryI could go on but they all run this way, yes they sell you on the big picture but it is still up to your ability to sell


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