Rival Fans To Manchester United Throwing Lead Against Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa


Manchester United throw a 2-0 lead away agaisnt Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa and rival fans are loving it.

LFCTR take a look at the reactions of rival fans, as former Liverpool player Philippe Coutinho is the man of the moment.

Although Manchester United's ability to bottle matches is becoming the norm, however rival fans continue to love every second.

The love for former Liverpool player Philippe Coutinho was felt throughout the Reds' fanbase.

Coutinho equaliser for Steven Gerrard's team, what's not to love.

Just a quick reminder of what Cristiano Ronaldo said about this team, just in case you forgot.

This Real Madrid fan sticks up for his club legend, as he sees Manchester United fans lift their new trophy. He aims at certain supporters that have been stating the team play better without the Portuguese man.

It's official, Manchester United have taken over banter club from Arsenal. The board are a mess, the players are a mess, the club is a mess.

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