NFL World Reacts To Saturday’s Tua Tagovailoa News

The Spun
The Spun
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Tua Tagovailoa’s up-and-down performance through his first two NFL seasons has raised some questions about his status as a longterm franchise QB for the Miami Dolphins. But on Saturday, reports from NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport indicated that the team is sticking by their former No. 5 overall...

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Rick James

Stick with a decent but far from elite QB with a very questionable work ethic. 😂 And so the Dolphins go. Should have kept Flores and traded Tua.

Paul Peterson

Unbelievable.. wouldn't the new coach be the one making this decision. Another idiotic statement by Grier and Ross. Please sell the team Ross to someone who knows football. At least fire Grier .. exasperaring.

D Brooks

I don't know how good Tua can be he has the worst offensive line in the NFL and only has waddle a rookie receiver who is fast but not the type of receiver that can make a play on a 50 50 ball and has to be one of the worst running game in the NFL. Because I seen a statistic were Tua completion rate during their 7 game winning streak was 74 percent the highest in the NFL. Now if Miami gives him some good talent around him then he struggles then it would be time for a change at quarterback.


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