Meghan Markle 'Using' Princess Eugenie & Husband Jack Brooksbank To Keep Tabs On Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth II Well Aware Of Duchess' Intentions

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Cover picture for the articleAccording to a source, Suits alum Meghan Markle is taking advantage of her friendship with Princess Eugenie to keep tabs on the royal family. While the Duchess of Sussex genuinely likes the princess, 31, whom she considers one of the most reasonable members of the monarchy, “she’s still utilizing her as...

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Terry Sandlin

her and Harry deserv to halft to get up and go work like normal people do every day maby they could get a job as migrant field workers let them see what the real world is


It would be better if Princess Eugenie would cut the tie with Markle. Markle uses people to get what she wants. It would be just like her to twist things and change whatvshecisctold fir her own benefit particularly to get in the news.

Karen Corsello

Maybe Queen Elizabeth should go to Parliament and ask to take away the titles of Duke and Dutchess away from Harry & Mehgan. For her granddaughter and her husband to move out of Fogmore Cottage . This would show them to be loyal to her Grandmother Queen Elizabeth.


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