I used to work at Disney and here’s a secret hand signal cast members do when one of us is in trouble

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DISNEY cast members go above and beyond to give guests a magical experience while they're at the theme parks.

But if something goes wrong, they need to have a way of leaving the crowds without making a scene.
Sarah Daniels shared a Tiktok video revealing Disney cast members use a secret hand signal if they are in trouble

A former Disney worker has revealed that cast members use a secret hand signal to alert their character attendant if one of them is in trouble.

Each character is accompanied by an attendant who helps them while they are out and about in the park.

They are the person the character must signal to if they feel unwell or need to leave the park for some reason.

Sarah Daniels shared a video on Tiktok answering a question from a fan.

The question was: "What happens if you get too hot in costume as a fur character and feel like you are going to pass out? Can you signal for help?"

Sarah replied: "So as a character, if you're having trouble and you need to go, you put one hand over one eye and then put the other hand in the air.
Characters put one hand over their eye and one hand up in the air to alert attendants

"And that's how they know that you're having trouble."

The video has been watched 921,000 times, and staff from other theme parks have commented to explain what they do if they feel ill.

One person wrote: "Interesting! At Disneyland Paris we would make an X with our arms. Thank god never ever had to do it."

Someone else replied: "That's what Legoland Florida does too! I had to do it a few times."

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If they do the signal, attendants will help them to move away from the crowds

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