Biden White House forces resignation of former Trump aide who promoted baseless Jan. 6 theories

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleThe Biden White House has forced the resignation of a Trump-appointed member of a U.S. commission who has promoted the baseless claim that the FBI planted agents among the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6. Darren Beattie was named by former president Donald Trump to the...

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Cherie Mashula

they are lucky they are just losing their job,what they did was trying to over throw the government,everyone can call it what you want but they were trying to overthrow the our country government,that is called treason,Trump really likes dictators,well if they would have done in their countries that they did here they would have been thrown in jail or killed,I have talked to people from China,the Philippines,Russia and they all say the same things,so go for it but no one will pull what they did here because they will not live to talk about it.

Pooda 06

Gaetz need to worry about the young girl he had sex with and all that jazz. He need to get ready for his day in court.

General Obvious

So come November Jie and his cronies will be fired because their wolves in sheeps clothing. Our government has already been overthrown by the left. They’re in control and changing the very fabric of this nation by breaking laws and violating their oath of office. They need to be jailed.


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