Fox News does hatchet job on VP Kamala Harris’ Black new hire

rolling out
rolling out
Jamal Simmons and PBS’ Judy Woodruff. (Image source: Twitter – @JamalSimmons)

As reports came out that United States Vice President Kamala Harris was set to name Jamal Simmons as her new communications director on Jan. 6, Fox News released an extensive report of Simmons’ tweets, including posts dating back nearly a dozen years ago, on Jan. 7.

“Simmons previously hosted a news show for The Hill called ‘Why You Should Care,’ in which he aired a segment in August 2019 titled ‘Dazed & Confused,'” Fox News‘ hit piece read, “poking fun at Biden for the many conflated and exaggerated stories he’s told the public over the years.”

The story pointed out how Simmons tweeted his public doubt of a rushed vaccine under the President Donald Trump administration in 2020 “for political purposes.”

The biggest dig the outlet did on Simmons in the story was bring up a pair of tweets he posted from November 2010 about illegal immigrants.

“Just saw 2 undocumented folks talking on MSNBC,” Simmons tweeted over 11 years ago. “One Law student the other a protester. Can someone explain why ICE is not picking them up?”

Simmons hasn’t deleted any of the old tweets and put out a statement the same day the hit piece was published.

“As a pundit I tweeted+spoke A LOT,” Simmons tweeted. “At times I’ve been sarcastic, unclear or plainly missed the mark. I apologize for offending ppl who care as much as I do about making America the best, multiethnic, diverse democracy+I’ll rep the Biden-Harris admin w/humility, sincerity+respect.”

He also addressed his now-infamous 2010 posts.

“For the record, I’ve never advocated for, nor believed that Dreamers should be targeted by ICE agents,” Simmons tweeted on Jan. 7. “I’ve been for DACA + comprehensive immigration reform for years. Frankly, it’s depressing ppl can forget about every other thing I’ve said in public on this bc of bad tweets.”

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It only proves that truths and facts are offensive to democrats. They try to discredit the source while never once disproving any of it. Maybe that passes among democrats. It just looks like more deflecttion.

Mr Mister Mr Mister

sounds like fox was exercising professional journalism . it's rare too see here lately which is why many of you are not able to recognize it 🤣

screw u

😂😂😂😂… these morons think they can say or tweet whatever they want when they want .. then think it just disappeared!!! Regurgitate all the dems statements and throw it right back at em; they’re all hypocrites!!!! FJB


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