West Virginians Beg Joe Manchin to Extend Child Tax Credit as Checks End: 'We Need Help'

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"Bills cost more, we already know the price of food is higher," one parent said. "It's just a time that we need the child tax credit more than...

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Michele Rokes

I was a single parent, not getting support. State tried and failed helping me to get support and Ohio declined. I worked full and part-time, still scraped to pay bills, babysitters and put food on the table for 2 kids and me. If I tried to get state help, I was told I made too much ($20 over gross income limit) I was a parent stuck between a rock and a hard place. I worked more than I was home and my kids hated it because they hardly seen me. Do you want to bad mouth me about taking drugs, going out drinking? Who had the time! I spent all the left over time (sleep) I had with my kids and they still felt abandoned. I wonder why?? You don't know these parents situations, you have no right to comment on how that money was spent, Nunya! (None of your business!)


West Virginia wants the Build Back Better plan...the plans to aid displaced coal miners and help them find jobs in renewable energy have finally won the support of workers from a sector that never saw the fulfillment of former President Donald Trump’s promises of a coal revival. But mine owners are digging in their heels:The miners appear to have embraced the reality that coal is dying and they must look beyond it to survive, but their bosses do not see the end as inevitable.the United Mine Workers, America’s largest coal miners union, has begged Manchin to support the Build Back Better bill on the grounds that it would provide its workers with the best possible economic future. The bill would, among other things, help finance a trust fund for miners suffering from black lung disease, provide protections for unions and, crucially, invest in plans to help the local economy make the transition from coal to renewable energy. But of Manchin can't profit from it he won't vote for it

Rita Adams

Funny not one racist comments, is that because although W Virginia is the 6th poorest state in the united states, it's also 93% white. I can just Imagine what the comments would be, if the population were 93% black.


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