Social Security Sets a New Disability Earnings Limit in 2022

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For people who are receiving Social Security disability payments and still earning income, it’s important to know what the earnings limit is. The Social Security Administration caps the maximum amount a disabled person can earn in a given year to remain eligible for disability benefits. Each year, the earnings cap...

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Victor Hale

governments don't care about poor and average citizens. It's all about the rich and well to doers.Sorry,just fact,that why America will soon crash, because they don't look out for there hard workers, who build this country.

D Mahoney

Wow really? $40 whole dollars? OMG I will be rolling in the cash. I can't think of one good thing to say now. I know I should be surprised but I'm not.


Social security is a joke if you get sick and can no longer work for a living unless you made 6 figures a year you didn't earn enough to get a decent check granted if you are able to work maybe a part time job if your lucky to help with your bills you can only earn a small amount but if you had stock and getting paid through profits there's no limit, sorry to say but this country is for the rich politicians can careless about the average population the donate to their campaign ,when will the average population get a politicians to actually work for them we all know it won't be a Republican


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