Kevin Durant Receives Punishment For What He Said This Week

The Spun
The Spun
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Earlier this week, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant played 42 minutes against the Portland Trail Blazers. After the game, he was asked about his heavy workload. Durant wanted to make it clear that he isn’t worried about his workload, but his postgame comment may have crossed the line....

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Janice Roundtree

Dear Sir, Kevin didn't use any profane words at all. He spoke the Truth. A Player should know longer out on the floor for 30mins. at a time. So you should hand his money back to him and let Kervin decide if this is going to be my Career job for the rest of the Season. Because use r treating him like a Child. Kevin is one Humble Player. When the Leagues start fines Player and speak what on their mind. NBA isn't Job for them. what happens to Freedom of Speech. Before signing a Player need to read the Contract with there Lawyer.


what did I miss? I read his quotes twice and failed to find any profane language or anything deserving of a fine.


Modern day slavery by the NBA.They think they own your freedoms when you play for them. The NBA is 83% black, lets get a black commissioner, owners, front office the whole nine yards.


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