Dolly Parton Previews New Novel and Album With ‘Big Dreams and Faded Jeans’

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Rolling Stone

Dolly Parton will release her debut novel Run, Rose, Run , which she co-authored with thriller writer James Patterson, on March 7. Inspired by the experience of writing the book, Parton wrote a new set of songs to accompany it. The album Run, Rose, Run will be available March 4 and the first release from the album, “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans,” is out now.

With its straight-ahead country-rock arrangement, “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” offers a sense of being on the move and angling toward some better future. “Finally doin’ somethin’ I’ve dreamed of for years,” Parton sings. Where’s she headed? Music City, of course. “Nashville is the place to be for big dreams and faded jeans.”

A release notes that the Run, Rose, Run album follows the story of the novel, in which a young woman with a dark secret in her past sets off for Nashville to make music. Parton hints at this in the song as well: “Find a future, lose a past/Waiting silent as the passion in me screams,” she sings.

Totaling 12 new tracks, the album was co-produced by Richard Dennison and Tom Rutledge. Guests on the project include Ben Haggard on the track “Demons” and Joe Nichols on “Lost and Found.”

Run, Rose, Run track listing:

  1. “Run”
  2. “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans”
  3. “Demons” (with Ben Haggard)
  4. “Driven”
  5. “Snakes in the Grass”
  6. “Blue Bonnet Breeze”
  7. “Woman Up and Take It Like a Man”
  8. “Firecracker”
  9. “Secrets”
  10. “Lost and Found” (with Joe Nichols)
  11. “Dark Night, Bright Future”
  12. “Love or Lust” (with Richard Dennison)

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