Catholic bishop accused of repeatedly raping nun is acquitted in India

CBS News
CBS News

Cover picture for the articleNew Delhi — An Indian court has acquitted a Catholic bishop who was charged with raping a nun in a case that sparked widespread outrage and protests. Bishop Franco Mulakkal, 54, was acquitted by a court in the southern Indian state of Kerala on Friday, which said the prosecution had failed...

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Like most cases in Indian.. woman are still being the lower class and not ever judged fairly.. are as equals… they are Used..

Derrick W

not sure about the lbgtq etc, but I'm black and don't agree.....though I am just one black man.......I have daughter's, my mom was the leader of our household....because black women are strong. They had to be during slavery and those traits followed generations right up to the present.......I will never teach my daughter's to follow and be subservient....their opinions matter and voices should be heard.....not silenced because a male with an inferiority complex feels the need to keep em in their place because he feels threatened because they might be smarter or mentally stronger than themselves.....our creator chooses who to bless with wisdom and's not up to you to silence those blessings because they were bestowed upon a woman🕊️✌🏽

Theotis Brown

when that time comes this Catholic Bishop will meet his true maker Judgement Day by God no one dont want to face especially when you done wrongdoing all your life


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