Wendy Williams Stripped & Masturbated In Front Of Her Manager & Others While Drunk, Sources Say

Cover picture for the articleWendy Williams was having a particularly rough time last May, new reports reveal. According to Yahoo Life, while filming The Wendy Williams Show from her home as the COVID-19 pandemic was peaking, the 57-year-old had too much to drink and "began stripping down and touching herself in an inappropriate way" in...

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Wanda Ealy

When you spend your entire career laughing and dogging people out for sport...Karma is a bi$ch! Everything she has said and done to make millions of dollars means nothing. It makes you wonder why her a$$hole husband was out her making babies and maintaining a whole relationship while still married to Wendy. I wish her the best. When she gets well, hopefully, she will use that mouth for good.


Although I have never been a fan , because she enjoyed her job ( gossiping about celebrities ) way too much . the dirtier and shameful - the more she seemed to relish. Now sadly , she has become the " Hot Topic " - yet my heart and prayers goes out to her. She needs help - and I am praying that she gets it.

Jennifer Johnson

She dogged Whitney for her drug use now look at her. Be very careful of the stones you throw


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