Roger Stone's Ties to Oath Keepers Raised As Members Charged With Sedition

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The Donald Trump ally used members of the far-right militia as security on January 6, but he has not been accused of any crime in connection to the Capitol...

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John Obrien

There are 11 Oath Keepers charged with Seditious Insurrection. At least one of them will throw Roger Stone under the Bus. Maybe they will all throw Roger Sine under the Bus. I wouldn’t want want to be Roger Stone right now. He is already a Convicted Felon Judges don’t like Convicted Felons who are pardoned. That is not a good situation to be in especially with a Federal Judge.He better hope he doesn’t get the same judge like he got the 1st time.

karma train

and as far as Trump goes. he is not looking at serious time just for attempting seditious conspiracy. he is also looking at Criminal charges in Georgia. And I just heard on the news. that 16 Republicans in Michigan committed fraud when they said that they were the electors of Michigan when in fact they weren't. They are looking at 22 years if convicted. so Michigan is going after the Republicans from the north Georgia is going after Trump from the south New York is going after Trump in the east all we need is a state from the West. and then Trump will realize the majority of the country is closing in on him


OH believe me when the feds start offering plea deals it's going to be for characters high up on the food chain and Roger stone is that the way it works is the first to start singing gets a deal a better deal then comes the others who cooberate the story stay tuned Trump lover's there will be no pardons this time around for anyone involved it's either talk or head to jail for years again stay tuned


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