Donald Trump Won't Stop Peddling Election Fraud Claims, Even if It Splits the GOP Entirely

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There is friction among Republicans between those supporting Trump's election fraud claims, and those who believe the former president should move...

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John Obrien

If the Republicans lose the Midterms they will definitely blame it on him.Then he will have absolutely no leverage for the 2024 Presidential Election.

I Nuke Hurricanes

"First phase, Trump goes to court. LOSES EVERY LAWSUIT, (60+)which claims there was voter fraud in the election. NEXT, he decides he has to take over the Department of Justice and the attorney general, and have the attorney general push this narrative on to the states to tell them to stop from sending in their Electoral College vote totals. When that failed -- and our report goes into graphic detail of the efforts that were made -- THE THIRD STEP was to turn the mob loose on the Capitol the day we were counting the ballots," Durbin said, referring to the January 6 riot.DOJ lawyer was crucial player, Democrats sayThe 400-page report by Senate Democrats, entitled "Subverting Justice," slams the actions of Clark, who they say became a crucial player in Trump's attempt to use the Justice Department for his political gain.


For trump is all about revenge for losing. Instead of looking at his our failures, he always blames his losses on everyone else including those in the Republican Party he feels did not sufficiently “fight” for him.


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