Jamie Lynn Spears Responds To Britney Spears' Statement, Says It's 'Exhausting' When Their Private Conversations 'Don't Match What You Post On Social Media'

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Cover picture for the articleJamie Lynn Spears has clapped back at Britney Spears after she shared her thoughts on her little sister's recent interview. The "How Could I Want More" singer's interview with ABC News' Juju Chang to promote her upcoming memoir, Things I Should Have Said, aired earlier this week. As previously reported by...

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Kiesha Moore

britney hasn't talked to any of her family her mom showed up at her door for the holidays and britney wouldn't let her in her house jamie lynn is straight lying about everything she is saying Britney has said she wants her whole family in jail for what they did to her and has no desire to have a relationship with any of them ever again and for jamie lynn to do a interview lying her a** off before britney even got to do her public interview yeah jamie you just messed up britney isn't going to hold back at all and I hope she doesn't! britney needs to beat your a** but I mean she has tons of fans that would be happy too for her tag me in Britney! #freedbritney

Linda Neavil

Why won't her family leave her alone? Let her live her life, quit stealing and trying to ruin her life.

James Ward

but it sure didn't stop you from taking what you could while you could


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