Tucker Carlson Calls Brett Kavanaugh a ‘Cringing Little Liberal’ After His Vote to Uphold Healthcare Worker Vaxx Mandate

Cover picture for the articleTucker Carlson called Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh a “cringing little liberal” after his vote to uphold President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. The country’s high court decided on two of the president’s mandates on Thursday, ruling to strike down one which...

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How dare he do something other than what TC wants him to do!?? If TC is so smart, why doesn't he just run for office himself!? I mean he's just Trumps puppetmaster anywayz; he should move from behind the curtain and face scrutiny himself!

Linda Montgomery

It must really be vexxing to have a mental cripple in the White House while someone as brilliant as you is reduced to commenting on this site! All liberals suffer from a mental illness of on sort or another.


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